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Jensen dear...


 So today, and yesterday, and tomorrow, I took/will take the three almost-biggest tests of my high school career. Which is stupid, because they're actually really easy - just ridiculously important. It's the end-of-year standardized tests (Math Wednesday, Science Thursday, Social Studies Friday). In Texas, they're the TAKS tests. English was a few months ago. (I wrote my essay about Batman.) Anyway, these are the exit-levels, meaning that if a student doesn't pass them in junior year they have to spend all of senior year in TAKS-remedial classes until they finally pass. If they never pass, they never graduate. It's not likely to not pass, because they're testing over things that we've been "taught" since (for most of these kids) 5th grade. If you pass in junior year (like most kids do, like I will), then you never have to take any of these tests again. And when you're a senior you get to sleep in for a week, and it. is. glorious. But I really didn't intend to spend two paragraphs on procedure, damn it. I hate this test. Not because I hate testing as a whole, but because our entire curriculum is geared towards this test. They don't care if we learn. They just care that we pass the test. We haven't really learned anything new in a long time. And then we spend the last three weeks before the dread test reviewing for the dread test, and it's just. It's so stupid. No Child Left Behind. Meaning no intelligent kids get to actually, you know, learn things at school.
I was going to actually write about the pleasant things going on in my life at the moment, but, well. I'm tired and I actually need to sleep for my history test. Damn it all. So you get an extremely half-assed bullet list.
-- I have a girlfriend. Her name is Kylie and she's amazing and smart and pretty and understands most of my obsessions.
-- I have spent about 70 dollars on comic books in the past month and a half.
-- I'm reading real books again. It's kind of hard to balance that and comic book/fic reading, but I'm making it work so far.
-- I watched Jericho.  The whole series, in a few days. It was amazing and they might be making a comic book continuation and that's awesome.
I started watching Eerie, Indiana. I love it love it love it.
-- I'm rewatching Buffy, Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, Batman Beyond, and a bunch of other shows I don't feel like naming right now.
-- I take my SAT on May 7th, which I'm not looking forward to. But, it's just a test. You do it, then it's done.  
books I'm reading:
-- A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking. (I'm actually a relatively big science nerd. My brain isn't really geared towards technical stuff, but theoretical physics -and anything having to do with space- have always fascinated me.)
-- American Gods by Neil Gaiman. (I love Neil. He's one of my favorite authors ever, and I plan to read everything he ever writes. I'm also reading his Sandman series right now.  I'm about halfway through Seasons of Mist, iirc.)
-- The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. (Been on my to-read list for a long time. I've seen a film of it, in a class, which disturbed me because I really wanted to read the book first because I'm a fussy little thing, but whatever.)
I also just finished The Perks of Being a Wallflower the other day. I liked it, but I don't know how good it was.
So, yeah, goodnight.
 Y'know, I would cut this, but I really don't feel like it. Deal with my bitchitude!


YAY EERIE! Have a Marshall icon.
That icon is glorious. Really, his hair is much too pretty. It's prettier than mine. This is not okay.
OH MY GOD, I could go on and on about Marshall's hair. It's epic. I'm especially fond of the longer hair he sports in "Hole in the Head Gang."

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